• I don’t see hack for my favorite game

If you don’t see hack for your game, you can comment any post on this site and write what game you want to hack and we hack it in 1-2 days ! For example in this post : https://e-hacked.eu/clash-royale-hack/

  • Why you do this ?

We are the group of freelance developers, who like the gaming process of different games. We decided to use our skills of server decryption and hacking to help thousands of gamers enjoy the process. We love funny things at all and don’t want to get reward for our hobby. From gamers to gamers – its our credo, after all

  • Can I get banned ?

You can’t get banned becouase you are anonymous. Nobody can detect your activity.

  • I need to contact with support

You can contact with support HERE

  • Can I donate this site ?

A lot of users asked how to donate this site.  You can donate this site HERE

  • What is SSL Protection

This is a standard security technology for establishing safe connection, protect users from data theft, online transaction and much more.

  • Is this safe ?

Yes this is copletely safe. We using lates secure programs, scripts etc. Besides all us hacks use proxy and have anti-ban system.

  • How can I get unlimited resource ?

If You like to have unlimited resource firstly choose the game HERE

  • Are You using different secure program ?

Yes we using a lot of security programs for example McAfee Secure™